Freshly shorn white ewes

Freshly shorn white ewes

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Rams for the modern merino breeder

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Welcome to Rissmerino!

We are a family business that has been operating in the Goondiwindi district 100 years, currently run by the 3rd & 4th generation of Rissmanns. In 2018, we bought the entire draft of pregnant stud ewes offered at the first stage Well Gully Poll Merino dispersal sale, making us the proud new owners of nearly 1600 stud ewes and 60 stud sires. Their resulting progeny were born on our place and we have continued to breed stud sheep from this ewe base.

Errol Brumpton has now dispersed the remainder of his sheep, but that is not the end of the story for the Well Gully Poll Merino stud. We continue to move forwards, having worked with the classing and guidance of Errol, to breed the Well Gully rams here at Rissmerino.

Who we love partnering with

Those who love beautiful wool

We are passionate about wool! It is such an amazing and versatile fibre and there is so much beauty in a bright white, soft and deeply crimping wool.

Producers looking to move away from mulesing and flystrike

Mulesing has been a hot debate for decades, but it doesn't need to be an issue. With the genetics available today, it is possible to stop mulesing within 2 generations with the right combination of traits.

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People that want fast growing surplus lambs

High fertility & good early growth have wonderful compounding effects. More lambs allows more selection pressure and greater genetic gains. Meanwhile, the fast early growth means a quick turnaround of the culls as stores or fat lambs!

What we provide

Drought hardy, easy care sheep

Our sheep are long and deep bodied, have a deep twist in the rump, and never need mulesing.

Super soft, white wool

Well Gully is renowned for having exquisite, white, long, silky soft wools.

Comprehensive Data Collection

We believe that in addition to the visual traits, it is important to look "under the hood" by collecting data and ASBV's for all our rams.

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