Freshly shorn white ewes

Freshly shorn white ewes

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We are a family farming enterprise that has been operating in our district for over 100 years. Trevor and Linda Rissmann are the third generation of Rissmanns on Rosedale. Currently working alongside them is one of their four sons, Alan. He is married to Kaylee and they now have 3 young farmers in training! Trevor and Alan have dirt in their blood and are particularly mad about sheep and wool!

Rosedale is located in Southeast Queensland, about 45km East of Goondiwindi and slightly north of the Qld/NSW border. It has around 24" (600mm) average rainfall, with nearly 2/3 of the rainfall between October and March. It is hot in summer with days that are regularly in the high 30's, and reaching tops of up to 45 celsius. There are some days it doesn't drop below 30 degrees even at night. In combination with periods of high humidity, this environment places great selection pressure on maintaining bright, white wool. Winters are also cold with regular frosts. It requires a resilient and hardy constitution for sheep to survive and thrive with minimal inputs. As a result, sheep at Rosedale have the ability to put on fat cover when the going is good, and make effective use of dry, low protein grasses for extended periods. They have outstanding wool character and fleece qualities that resist fly strike and fleece rot, without being mulesed.

Continuing to breed Well Gully Poll Merinos

In 2018, Errol Brumpton started dispersing his Well Gully Poll Merino Stud. We purchased the entire first draft of his dispersal sale, which consisted of every stud ewe and sire that was 3 years old and older. As a result, we had nearly 1600 pregnant stud ewes and 60 sires arrive on Rosedale in September and November of 2018. By the end of 2018, we had over 3300 Well Gully ewes, rams and lambs living here. In 2020, Errol dispersed the remainder of the flock across the country, with sheep going to nearly every state in Australia, leaving us with the only remaining significant portion of the Well Gully Poll Merino Stud. We continued to work under Errol's guidance, and strive to continue building and improving the legacy left behind by Errol Brumpton.

Well Gully is renowned for having lustrous white, silky soft wools on an animal bred to thrive. The sheep are long and deep bodied, have a deep twist in the rump, and never need mulesing. We are convinced they will add profit to any sheep enterprise. If you want to breed easy-to-manage sheep with all these qualities, then we would encourage you to check out and try these rams in your own flocks.

Sales process

We sell most of our rams via private selection as grade rams. These rams have been graded into price brackets of $800, $1400 and $2000, with discounts for bulk buyers.

Our new season rams are become available from early October each year.

If you would like to look at or purchase any rams, get in contact! We have a contact form and other details at the bottom of this page. We will discuss your requirements such as number of rams, budget, what exactly you like to see in a ram, and so on. We would then typically organise an inspection date for you to choose your rams. This can be done in person, or you may prefer to use your stock agent of choice.

All agents are entitled to their standard 4% commission. In fact, anybody who introduces a new client can receive 4% commission.

We believe that it is important for us to be as open and helpful as possible. If you have any queries, give us a call or text, or leave a message on our webpage, Facebook or twitter.


1035 Yelarbon Kurumbul Road
Qld 4388


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +617 4675 1228 
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